Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busch Gardens

I wasn't scared of the singing monsters show but mommy was not allowed to put me down The Rossi Boys

Yeah I ate most of this by myself.
I went on the merry go round because this was the only ride daddy allowed mommy to go on...boring!

The climbing was a little scary!

Let's go Autntie V and turn this thing

I got to go on the elephant ride with Pop pop

I'm ready for the big roller coasters

I loved the Pirate ship

I got this one

Stinky says AHHHH!!!!! when she goes on this ride down the shore

Daddy and I are in the front seats!

A little visitor

Here I am going to my first day of preschool Don't I look nervous?

My cousin Jacoby came to visit for a few days and we had lots of fun! Stinky says he screams when she puts hats on him but Mommy thinks he just needed the right one :)

Daddy even took the day off to take us to the zoo.

Go Yankees!

Just taking a break
I don't think Jacoby was too happy when he woke up at the zoo

Stop taking pictures I am looking for animals

Jacoby helped make cookies...

well at least he tried

Don't we look cute!

If you can catch me I will smile for the camera

I think it is time for a haircut

I was given candy corn to sit and smile for this picture.

Butler's Farm

I think daddy had just as much fun as I did in the hay
I'm not so sure about this

Look how tall I am! The tractor ride was bumpy!

Don't tip me over daddy

I don't think so guys

Who's idea was it to walk through the corn maze?

Check out this slide!
Getting down in the hay

Did Mommy swallow a pumpkin?

All aboard

This witch looks like stinky...just kidding

Cousin Deena's Wedding and a trip to the National Mall

The best way to travel
No I'm not flying anywhere, I am at the Air and Space museum. I was very upset they wouldn't let me fly the plane.

On the merry go round at the National Mall with daddy

What is that coming out of Daddy's hat?

Mommy and I in front of the Capitol
Let me down I need to dance!

Do you think we could sneak in and get to the cake?

End of summer pics...a little late

Playing in the rocks with Zachary I'm on to you Uncle year I want a hook and bait on the end of the pole!
Back from a joy ride

I love "feeding the ducks"

This might be easier if I was in the water

Fantasy Island

My favorite the roller coaster

Next time you bring yogurt to the beach bring a spoon Mommy!

I love the big waves!

Fun in the lagoon

I love to swim all by myself

but it's nice to have some company!

No time for pictures when there are shells to be found
Life's a Beach

Nice shot Uncle Mike....

but this is how you do it.

I love my baby cousin Jacoby