Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My 1st picnic

Come and get the salt and pepper. Don't make me wave to Mommy, I am looking at a Gurl.

Please!!! Just let me outside.

Mommy doesn't like it when I play in the dirt. Where are the fish?
I am not diggin' pollen!!!
I like eating outside.
It's not my fault you forgot to give me utensils.

Art time

No this is not blood, I tried to smell the marker. This was my first time with my Easel.
Piccasso has nothing on me!
Blue is my favorite color.
What? You wouldn't see if they were eadible?

Family get together

For the first time in a long time I smiled for the camera. Now I am going to yell at it.
Maggie get your own!
Even Pop Pop knows how much I love books!
Aunitie V made the mistake of giving me my own spoon.

Easter cont...

My bet is on Maggie finding the most eggs. Let's go Uncle EJ, I think I see another egg.
Is this egg on HGH?
Listen Poppy, if you behave better next year maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you a basket too.
This is not Rock Band!


Hello everyone! I know it has been a while but I have alot to share. I'm sorry for not blogging in a while, but I was busy moving with my family from CT to NJ and finally settling here in VA. It was all a bit unexpected but the great news is that my Daddy's submarine will not go out to sea ever again!!! I promise, now that we have the internet, Mommy and Daddy will post more pictures.

Here I am in NJ celebrating Easter with my Great Nan and the rest of my family. This is a great basket but where is all the candy?
You want me to do what??? Smile?
Brown Bear, Brown Bear where are the Easter eggs?
Do these people not get it? We are suppose to find the eggs?