Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Months!!!!

Vincent is 5 months old!!! He is 20 lbs 10oz and 26 1/2 inches long!
He can also pull his socks off He loves the jumper.

He's almost as big as me.

Springtime at the zoo

Can you find the lion in this picture? The view is a lot better from up here.
Vincent liked his first trip to the zoo.
Yes, that's me in the background hitting stuff.
What?! It's baseball season, gotta support the team!

Another visit to Johnson's Farm

Check out this sweet jungle gym.Jacoby looks like he's ready for a jungle safari.
Beep beep!

Ice cream was necessary in this heat.

It's so good when it hits your lips.

She thinks my tractor is sexy.

I learned the hard way that this was not a slide.

Play it Jacoby!

So happy to be out of the heat.


Look what the Easter Bunny hid around Grandma's house! He even left us boys Easter baskets!

Here I am gearing up for our big Easter egg hunt...checking out the competition.

He can't reach the eggs in the walker.

I've got to watch out for Zachary, he's fast.

Vincent looks like he already ate one too many eggs.

And we're off!!!

I hope that egg is filled with puffs!

Where to next?

That's just mean.

Don't help him Mommy!

Pausing for a pic.
The gang ready to eat the loot.

It was a tough hunt for Vincent, good thing Uncle Mike was there for support.

Look we're TWINS!

Getting ready for summer...

Look what I can ride this year! I love this ride!

Check out Stinky's face. They had just waxed the slide and we got some air under us!
I need one of these at home.

Good thing it's not a stick shift.

Jacoby wasn't happy when the car bounced....

he would rather walk.

I love rides.

Not too happy he can't go on the rides...

Grandma on the other hand got into the action.

Keep it down Stinky!!!

Random pics

Watch out Vincent, Jacoby's on the fly! Don't be fooled by that innocent smile.

Look at this big guy.

He is ready to eat.

Look at my responsibility chart! Where's Daddy's???

I think he likes it

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!!! One of us is afraid of the bunny!