Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All smiles

Despite being in the hospital for days with RSV and having the stomach virus Vincent learned how to smile!
I just wanted Vincent to remember I am the big brother!Chillin on the couch at Grandma's house.

Vincent thinks I am funny!

He's happy to feel better!


Just wait till I teach Vincent how to pull on your glasses Poppy!
Vincent catching some rays with my pal Maggie.

Doing the best I can to smile with a cold.

Daddy took me ice skating for the first time.

Next time Daddy will take a picture of me away from the wall to show how good of a skater I am.

Vincent talking to the birds.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Smiling for our xmas card photo.
Check out Vincent's shirt. Poppy with all of us crazy boys!
Vincent got to meet Uncle Bobby and talk about the Yankees.

I enjoyed opening everyone's presents.

Check out my new fireman gear.

Ice cream cake was a great choice Zachary! All the boys with Great Nanny at Zachary's 1st birthday.

The Rossi boys chilling on the floor.

Vincent looking cute.

Here we are making Mommy work to get a nice picture.

Home for the Holidays

Cheese!There is nothing like snuggling in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

I'm the big brother!

I like it when Daddy rakes the leaves.

I got to help cook for Thanksgiving.
Vincent doesn't like our put a baby on a platter tradition.

Baby Jacoby likes Vincent.

Here we are all posing for pictures.

Here is the apple pie I helped make.

Singing the Turkey song!