Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vincent's 3 Months Old!

Don't worry I am just offering Vincent a bite of my apple...I am not in the rest of these pictures, but that was by choice. I have been refusing to let Mommy take pictures of me. Vincent deep in thought.
He finds my roaring hysterical.

Hamming it up for the camera.

The spiked look.

It's not that funny.

Mommy had a photo shoot with Vincent while I was "taking a nap". She put him up on the ottoman and all he wanted to do was roll over.

Daddy holding his legs down for one drool photo.

Happy to be off of his belly.

Puzzle Master

Mommy wanted to show you the puzzle that I put together all by myself. This is the 100 piece dinosaur puzzle my Great Nanny got me for Christmas. This weekend I tried it by myself!!! Yes I am in different pajamas. I like to put a few pieces together and then go back later.
I made Mommy laugh when I asked her for help on the last piece.

Now that this is finished...who's up for Candy Land??? (AGAIN!)

Happy Valentine's Day

Watch out ladies...the boys are back in town! Lock up your daughters!
Leave her alone Vincent! Stinky is my Valentine! I even made her a card and gave her a chocolate filled heart. Sorry to show you up Uncle Mike.

Vincent tried cereal for the first time. Mommy says she will try anything to help with the spitting up.

I think he likes it!

Popping your pants button is only cute when you're a baby.

Snowed In

Who knew we could get 30 inches of snow down here in Maryland? So what were we to do? Eat our way out?
Getting a little full!

Daddy says don't eat the yellow snow.

Play king of the mountain...

or play king of tummy time?

We also made Valentine's day cookies...

ate too much sugar...

batted my blue eyes to play "one more" game of Candy Land...

finally let Mommy get a good picture of the boys.

Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to Grandma's house. Yes, Mommy bribed me with candy.
Vincent just wanted to eat his hands.

Show off!

Mommy gave up after this picture.