Sunday, June 28, 2009


Mommy was so excited about Jacoby being born that she forgot to put pictures of me on the blog. Here are some from the week I spent up in NJ at the beach and visiting family.
Check out this HUGE fish Poppy caught! It was a 29 lb Stripper.

Watching the Yankee's instead of napping.

Watch out I am dangerous on my "cooter".

I turned my hat around to look just like Poppy.

I love the beach!

It was a little chilly so Mommy told me I could only get my feet wet.

Opps! I don't listen very well.

Just digging.

What's in the cup Poppy?

Here are pictures from Baby Zachary's Christening.

I always find things to play with...this was not a sandbox.

You really like the Mets over the Yankees?

Let me hold him Mommy!

Just hanging around the house as usual. I love to read.

Mommy said I could help her plant the flowers.

Stop taking pictures and help me!

Yes, I am sitting in the bag of dirt.

Just another tough day playing in the dirt.

Happy Father's Day

Here I am painting a gift to give Daddy on Father's Day.
When Daddy woke up we made pancakes together. They are my

I am so proud of the picture frame I made for Daddy.

After breakfast we went to a place where Mommy found out that I am going to have a little brother! Then we went to Stinky Ange and Uncle Mike's to celebrate and let Daddy meet Jacoby for the first time.

When we got home I let Daddy read his FAVORITE book to me.

I got a special present on Father's Day too. Check out my new chair! I love sitting in it and reading. Mommy even tells me that we can bring it to the beach.

Check out the elephant!

Can you guess who got this for me? Thanks Auntie Leah and Uncle EJ. Sorry we didn't get to see you on Father's Day but we will catch up in August!

This video is to show my Auntie and Uncle up in VT that I like the same showthey watch. At least that is what Grandma tells me. This show is soooo funny!I even like to pretend that I am on the show.
I am a Ninja Warrior...don't try this at home.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Does Jacoby look like me?

This is Jacoby home from the hospital.
Here is a picture of me when I came home from the hospital.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet my new cousin!!!

Welcome to the world Jacoby William!!! My Aunt Stinky and Uncle Mike had a baby boy on June 14th at 11:08 am. He was 8lbs 2oz and 20 3/4 inches long. He was a big baby just like me!
Look how cute he is!

Jacoby liked my Mommy. She was whispering something about giving him sugar water bottles.

Don't worry Jacoby your Daddy will only lecture you about baby physics once a week.

...and Grandma also has this great house where you can run laps in when you get bigger.
Watch out Poppy!!!

He has blue eyes just like me!

Okay ladies I can handle this.

This little guy moves a lot!!!

Stick with me Jacoby and you will be just fine!