Monday, April 20, 2009

Big News!!!

I'll get to meet my new sibling around Thanksgiving!



Check out my swing! Daddy was trying to give me a few tips.
Watch out Daddy!

I love the alphabet!


Cousin Andy is good at putting puzzles together but I am still the puzzle king! Who thought putting stickers in the eggs was a good idea?
Where are those jellybeans? Did someone cut me off from the candy?

The Easter bunny hid lots of eggs in Grandma's backyard!

Where could that silly bunny have hid them?

I hope these eggs are filled with candy. I need a sugar fix.

It's okay cousin Andy, Grandma doesn't mind if I trample her flowers.

I like pushing baby Zachary in his swing.

Chocolate for breakfast was a bad choice.

Cool! The doll likes to watch Barney too!

Look at all the candy and toys I got. Mommy and Daddy said the Easter Bunny brought me a doll because I need to learn how to be gentle. I wasn't really listening I was too busy banging the doll's head into the table.

I found my Easter basket!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter weekend

Sorry the pictures are all scrambled.
These things taste as good as they look.
A little longer and this egg will match my hand.

See I'm not scared of the Easter Bunny... just don't ask me to get any closer!

Elefun is a great game!

Look at all the butterflies I caught.

This stuff is pretty amazing.

Nanny was a great help with the eggs.

Daddy and I are on the tractor ride out to the field filled with Easter eggs.

I am listening to the story waiting to start the Easter egg hunt.

Here I am hopping like a bunny.

No time for pictures there are eggs to be found.

High five for candy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The blog is officially updated

Mommy has finally updated the blog!!! To be fair we have been very busy lately. We have moved a lot in the past year but now we are settling down in MD just outside DC. Daddy is off the boat and works at the pentagon although I think he works at the "train nation". I am still having problems with pronouncing "st". Anyways, enjoy catching up with my photos and Mommy promises to take more pictures and post them.
The elephant is going to get me! Enjoying a great day downtown!
Just let me play in the water please!

Uncle Mike, can you bring me to the top in my stroller?

Mommy and Daddy took me to the circus today!

Just in case you don't know, I lOVE ELEPHANTS!!!!

Do you think I liked the circus?

I don't know if Mommy was taking a picture of me or the capital?

Next stop is the new house! I like riding the metro.

This was my first time playing in the snow. The best part was warm ovalitine with marshmallows!

Maggie does not like the snow as much as I do.

Having fun in the snow

This stuff tastes great! I can't eat it fast enough.

"Helping" Daddy work on the house


Pop Pop let me ride his motorcycle after we opened all the presents. Help I am stuck in the presents!

The best gift ever!!! My very own scooter!

Just like my Poppy, asleep with the remote in my hand.
Maggie this present is not for you!

Thanks Santa!

Don't you dare let go of me Mommy! I am holding on to your dress! By the way where is Daddy????

Yes, I ran from Santa screaming till this nice lady picked me up. I ran from Mommy because she was too close to that Jolly old fellow.

My 2nd Birthday Party

No, I am not sharing the cake with you!

I do not want to get my picture taken!

Don't I make a cute pumpkin?

I like trick or treating!

If I look a little scared it's because I got my head stuck in one of these things before! I'm sure you are all laughing but it wasn't so funny when I started screaming and made a scene.