Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving part II

Thanksgiving New York style. Here is my great Auntie Fran and Barbara cooking up a great big meal. Is that my Grandpa in the background trying to direct things?It was so nice to see my Aunt Sammy. Did you know she lives in Alaska?
This is my Uncle Bess. He came all the way from Albania, just to see me... maybe to see my Aunt Sammy too.
My Aunt V really likes holding me.
Two Thanksgivings in one weekend sure makes me sleepy.


Look how little I was last Thanksgiving. Mommy tried to serve me on a platter. Mmmmm, I love Thanksgiving!
Thank you Aunt Leah for hosting Thanksgiving this year.
Look at this, they gave me the whole turkey! I don't think I will be able to finish it, but I will try.
You made this Coreen? Is this a vegetarian turkey? Are you sure? Mommy, am I allowed to eat this?

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's like Chuck E Cheese at my house!

So my Uncle EJ and Auntie Leah got me a big bag of balls for my B-day. My Mommy and Daddy decided to buy three more bags and turn my Pack-N-Play into a ball pit full of fun. No Mommy, you can't get in here with me.

I can definetly get used to this.
Ah, this is the life!

My Birthday Party

Wow look at me go! Where's my cake?
Is that my very own Giants jersey?
I have to eat the whole thing?
Too much cake!

Happy Birthday to me!

So let me get this straight, my friends and family are coming over and they are bringing gifts just for me. I can get the hang of this Birthday thing.I don't know what's better Mommy, tearing off the wrapping paper or playing with the toy thats inside.
Definetly tearing off the wrapping paper is better.
Check out the sweet tractor my Uncle EJ got me.
I am starting to get overwhelmed.

Guess who turned One today!

Out of all the presents I got so far, this bowl my Auntie Ange brought over is the best gift.
Mmmmm cupcake!
Oh Mommy stop kissing me.
Can you say sugar rush?

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Getting ready for Halloween

I love Pumpkins! How come this one has a scary face?
Grandma's little Pumpkin is trying to be sneaky.
Mommy was dressed up as a scary witch. Daddy is just plain scary!Do you know how hot it is in this Monkey suit?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My first Halloween!

Let's go Daddy! I am ready to Trick or Treat! Where is everyone? I am ready to hand out the candy.
Wow! Look at all the candy.
Slow down I want to get in.
Who needs candy when you have leaves?

Trick or treat