Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Water baby

This stuff tastes better when it is coming out of a sprinkler. Burrrrr this is cold!
Mommy you should try this!
We're going streaking through the quad! Come on everyone! Bird!

Visiting Jersey

Mommy, I am too busy to smile! There are you happy!
Cheese!!! Now leave me alone!
I can leap this chair in a single bound.
Grandma, I think the rocks and sticks look better in the driveway. By the way, I'm paid for.

Another day on the farm

Look at all those animals! What, you wouldn't try it?
Come and get me! Easy Nan, I am on a diet...
... just kidding. Mo peas.
How do I get off this thing?
Mommy says I can drive better than Daddy.
I'm not so sure about this.
Come on you silly ladies, let's go feed the animals!
How come I don't get food through a tube?