Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple Picking

Mmmmm apples! Not sure if I am supposed to eat the ones on the ground... oh well.
Good thing I've got eight teeth to chew through this thing.
I'm gonna go blind from the reflection off of Daddy's head.
Whats the deal with this apple? I guess I will just take it and run.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Guess who's coming home today? Yea, it's Daddy!
High five for Daddy!
I am waiting...
Doesn't Mommy look excited to see Daddy?
The boys are back in town!Daddy is the third one from the left.
I am so excited to see Daddy!
Daddy, you didn't need to get me flowers.
I hope you have been working out, I weigh a little bit more than when you left.
Daddy knows me too well, I couldn't resist the temptation of an animal cracker. I just want you to know Daddy, I am still the man of the house. However, I recommend you listen to Mommy.
Mommy was waiting a long time for this hug.

It took me a little bit, but I recognized Daddy.

This is the sign Aunt Ange, Uncle Mike, Mommy and I made.
How thoughtful is Daddy? He even sent Mommy flowers... with a little help from Aunt Ange.
Maggie and I were so excited to see Daddy.
At least Maggie didn't pee in the house.

Missoula, MT

I flew to MT to see my Mommy's cousin's wedding.

Two weeks till Daddy comes home!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Random pictures

I'll run you over if you get in my way!
Mommy I'm not in the mood for a picture.
What's in here?
What size saddle do you think I should get?

Look how big I am Daddy!

Watch out I am fast!Well hello there you're very cute.
Look I am just like Daddy. You can't read my shirt but it says my Daddy is in the Navy.
Just practicing for when Daddy comes home.
Look at all my teeth!

I look good in red

I told you I look good in red! Fill her up Mommy. I've got places to go!
I think this one is a little big for me!
There's something women like about a pickup truck.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Where's the Buffet?

Feeding yourself is hard work...what should I eat for dinner? I need a little help here.

Next time feed me yogurt with a spoon!
Sometimes I need a nap after a meal.