Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just me again

I wanted to show you how I climb around my furniture, smile for the camera,
play with my toys,
oh yeah, stand up without holding on to anything!

Story time

I can't decide what book to read... this one looks good.
A little help here. I can't read this all by myself.
Thanks Uncle Mike but it's not the book I picked out. Did it have too many big words for you?

Just kidding :)

Have you met my friend Maggie?

I like to tease the dog when she is outside by banging on the sliding door and making her bark. I can't help it if she hasn't learned how to open the door to come in.

Hey this isn't funny on the other side!

Where were all the babes in bikinis?

Another tough day in the pool! Come on in the water feels great. Don't worry I have a swim diaper on. No warm spots I promise.
I know this picture looks funny but I have to tell you about my favorite thing to play with... the air conditioner. I sit in front of it and flap my hands and laugh as the cold air blows through my hair. You should try it some time it is lots of fun. Sorry Daddy this one is not for you.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why won't this thing move?

Uncle Mike would tell me baby physics. CHEESE!

I'm swimming with the big fish!

This is more fun than a baby pool!
Swimming sure does make you hungry!

Get me out of here!

What was my Auntie Ange thinking putting me in a bag to play?
I'm out of here!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm on the go!

Give me that camera!Don't be fooled I bite!
These child proof containers are a real...
Why am I always the D.D?
Good thing we're not in Red Sox country.

Babies are great accessories!

We need some beach time!Don't worry my Auntie is wearing clothes!
She never lets me get away.