Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Virginia Zoo

Hey Uncle Mike, have you ever been cow tipping? What is this thing?
Mommy, next time bring quarters for the machine so I don't have to pick the food off the ground to feed the animals.
No really I'm blushing.
Share you animals!
Here I am playing in the fountains at the Zoo. Don't worry the animals aren't allowed to play.
Wow that's cold!!!
I better close my mouth this time.
One, two, three, go!
Help me up Uncle Mike.

Barnes and Noble

Here I am at my weekly toddler reading time at Barnes and Noble. This week was extra special because Uncle Mike came with us!

If you're happy and you know it do what?
I thought I was reading to the group this week?
Bubbles PLEASE!!!These bubbles make me go crazy!
Come on guys get the bubbles.
Uncle Mike and I are making a Lady Bug to bring home to Daddy since he had to work today.Did they teach you how to use a glue stick in the Navy?

Hopefully you can't tell I am eating the paper since Mommy posted the picture sideways. I got one dot down before anyone noticed. What? You wouldn't see if they tasted good? Uncle Mike ate the glue.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Here I am having a play-date with my neighbor. She likes juice just like me.
These homemade ice pops are great!
I'm all smiles.
I wonder if Maggie likes ice pops?

Playing ball

No I didn't catch a foul ball at the game but one of the players threw this to me. Cheese!
Take the picture Daddy. I don't sit for very long.
Put me in coach, I 'm ready to play...
Catch Daddy!

Reading Brown Bear

Pop Pop Brown Bear is my favorite book! That's a silly goldfish face.
This book gets me every time!
The sheep goes BAAAAAAAA
Great Gram and Nana what do you see?

Norfolk Tides AAA Baseball Game

Are we going to Yankee stadium?
Go Yanks!
I hope I catch a foul ball.
Jealous Grandma? Here I am with Shelley Duncan.
No I am not happy that Mommy passed me over to this guy so Daddy could take a picture.
Let's play ball!This was my first hot dog.
I got to eat candy too. I love baseball games!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just having fun

Here I am playing with my new water/sand table. This is so much fun! Come play Maggie.
Mommy told me not to splash the dog but I did it anyway.
I love making a mess!
Plane! I let Mommy and Daddy know when the planes go by...every single one!
Uncle Mike brought over finger paints to play with.

Why do they make these things so difficult to open?